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Welcome to the Home of Phone2display. We provide a professional design for portable display over eight years of knowledge and experience in the exhibition trade. Free artwork support for our membership client and custom any fashion booth according to client idea.

we focus on pro-environment and portable in many times hardware usage by creative design and grow your business. meanwhile, we need your more quality suggestion on our design and innovation.

Tension Fabric Booth
Pop Up Booth
Frameless SEG Booth
Modular Fabric booth
Aluminum Truss Booth
Spiral Tower Booth

Why Choose A Phone2display?

Portable and Effective:
Trade show exhibiting can be an effective but costly way to market your brand, products and services. Offset some of your exhibiting costs with customized rental trade show exhibits, which are built to your needs and specifications while using rental hardware. Many rental exhibits – especially large-scale exhibits – begin as a purchased display, but rental hardware is later added to expand the display to fit a larger exhibit space. Whatever your need, Phone2display will work with you to achieve your exhibiting dream while remaining within budget.

Easily Portable:
With a fantastic variety of Phone2display, we offer a cost-effective solution which is easily transported to and from trade show events by sea or by plane. The displays are compact and come with carrying bag or trolly case to release your hand by heavy labour to hold it.  as we call:Phone2display, Keep trouble away .....

Versatility, Variety & Value - We Provide Boothkey With The Perfect Combination...

We know that not every exhibition space is the same size, that is why we offer a huge array of frame sizes.  Working seamlessly together, Phone2display fit perfectly in popular trade show spaces, such as 3m x 3m, and be adaptable enough to give practical layout options for the most unusual and demanding stand spaces.  Unite straight and curved wall frames with flawless bridging solutions, providing you with endless layout formations. There is the option to integrate lighting and TV monitors, incorporating promotional videos into your stand, making this an inter-changeable display system that you can use again and again, no matter how big or how small your trade show space.

Want to get the greatest available display area from your exhibition space? Then a 90 degree, L-shaped portable booth can help you do that. Need an indoor and outdoor portable display? Try the ground-breaking portable fabric booth with its large format printed graphic panel. 

In addition to these we also stock fabric Boothkey, fabric display stands with Velcro friendly panels, pull-up banners, sign holders, leaflet dispensers and brochure holders. Are you having trouble putting together a display package? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the options?  Check out our Bundles page or call us and we can put together a custom package just for you!

Our huge range of systems give you an inspiring and eye-catching presentation that'll help you stand out from the crowd and display your branding and marketing message to great effect.

We want to give you that all important reassurance, so that is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on nearly all of our exhibition Boothkey.  This exceptional warranty covers the aluminium framework and component against manufacturer's defects.

What do Phone2display Offer?

  • We manufacture many kinds of portable display and graphic panels in-house
  • We use the highest quality materials 
  • We finish all of our portable display in a scratch resistant laminate, quality controlled
  • We assemble every portable display before it leaves our premises  
  • We offer a comprehensive design service 
  • We have over 8 years experience and work closely with our clients at every stage
  • We offer a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee* that covers the framework and components

Contact us on 86-519-88127808 or email us at manager@phone2display.com for further advice and information.

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