10ft Pop up showcase booth/ U style Product Code: 1554

Package Includes:

  • hardware
  • tension fabric
  • towers
  • toppers
  • LED lamps
  • carpet
  • trolly case
  • kits
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Basic Info:

  • 10x10ft dimension
  • 40cm diameter of tower
  • 8ft height of tower
  • LED lamp of top tower
  • PVC printing with magnet system
  • LOGO branded
  • aluminum frame
  • trade show booth
  • water proof and fire-resistance
  • warranty lifetime

More Information:

Pop Up Show Case Booth


Straight or Curved for your optional



Twist Display Case with 8/16 Custom Posters and Round Design
This twist display case with 8/16 custom posters printed in full color provides a tower with graphics to advertise in style at your next trade show event! Design a continuous banner style art piece or utilize each panel individually to make a unique company billboard exhibit. Constructed to knockdown and setup with ease, the free standing display case simply turns clockwise until the posts straighten fully and click into place. Each full color art design is printed on durable material and slips into place between the flexible aluminum frames to create a customizable graphic stand. Additionally, each display case is equipped with 4 shelves to store products within reach, easy to access, and concealed within the enclosed unit. Once the expo is completed knockdown is effortless by removing panels, rotating the frame counterclockwise and packing into the included travel bag.

Please give one of our professionals a call at +86 519. 88127708 EXT 8018, fill out our information request form, or email to us, if you have any questions about our fabric pop-up display systems.


How to install the show case

Step 1: Open the carrying bag and take out tower
Step 2: Check the bottom(electric cable) and Top(With LED lamp)
Step 3: Twister the tower upright until turn into straight
Step 4: keep all frame straight and set printing into the space.

How to connect dropwall to show case?



General File Specifications

1. Sending Files:
Use your own dropbox service/wetransfer service and send your link with clear identification to us.
Email to us. Files under 10mb may be submitted via e-mail attachment to us.
2.File Formats
The following layout file formats are accepted and preferred: TIF, JPG, AI, EPS, and PSD.
3.File Resolution
Dye-Sublimated Fabric Printing:
For dye-sub fabric printing, all image files should be 100 dpi at actual printed size. Files should not exceed 150 dpi at actual printed size. Higher resolutions are not necessary and will create excessively large and cumbersome files. Larger layouts, such as those for large fabrics backdrops, photomural popup displays, and banner stands, should be done at 100 dpi at actual size. Layouts which contain smaller text or fine detail can be done at up to 150 dpi at actual size for optimum clarity and sharpness.
4.File Bleeds
Dye-Sublimated Fabric Printing:
As a general guideline, fabric graphics will typically require a 2"; bleed on all sides. Different products may have different bleed requirements. Please contact your representative or project manager for exact specifications for your project.
5.Proofing Options: Standard Electronic Proofs. Physical Proofs (Optional)
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Printing Method For Your Optional

1) Epson 8C printer for Sticker or Vinyl banner printing(for tower printing way)

2) Max 3.2meter dye-sublimation printer for tension fabric way.

3) UV machine for some wood/arcylic material.


How to Carry?

We have  more other diffirrent style for  your opiton
Note: when you contact with us. better have a shotscreen with exact booth picture  you want to have. then we can know what shall we fast reply to you. thank you.

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