Clothing Booth Product Code: 1558

Package Includes:

  • hardware
  • tension fabric
  • LED strip
  • front and back with shelf
  • 42inch TV monitor
  • trolly case
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Basic Info:

  • 1.2meter width
  • 3.0meter height
  • 0.6meter thickness
  • aluminum frame
  • tension fabric fire-resistance
  • zipper to close the pillowcase
  • inside with LED strip to make box lightening
  • lightweight and portable
  • warranty lifetime
  • moviable anywhere easily

More Information:

Clothing Booth Stands


Clothing shelf sometime need a better way in moviable stand. not only need portable but also need it looks fashion and matched media devise. our clothing booth design suit to market development. our TV with touch screen to help buyer in choosing and make seller easily to work. full booth made by aluminum material and fire-resistance tension fabric/backlit. thickness and quality. you can have one stands only or have few set free combination together to make it into huge show booth palace.


How to install?

1)Connect Frame by tool

2)Fix fabric into notch of frame


Full sets pcakcing into trolly case


More diffirrent view of booth for you following


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