LED Taxi Light Box/ 100cm/L Product Code: 1534

Package Includes:

  • light box
  • metal hook
  • wire cable and kits
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Basic Info:

  • body size:1040mm(L) x 290mm(H) x 106mm(D,bottom)
  • graphic size:1000mm x 590mm
  • N.W:7.5KG
  • G.W:8.5KG
  • power: DC 12V
  • assembly to ship
  • magnet for your option
  • 1200mm(L) x 345mm(H) for your option
  • packing size:380*160*1060mm

More Information:


Slim taxi top light is a popular product as a standard taxi media. It used for taxi top ads instead of old light box used in common.  



Wind-Resistance Degisn

The streamlined body can reduce the wind resistance and make sure the safety of the product. The light body can reduce the press of the taxi roof.


High Brightness

Outdoor SMD LED can make the ads more attractive in the dark environment. LED light is bright and have a long working life.

Easy To Install And No Damage To Car/Taxi

Our Metal Hook / Magnets on the bottom of the stand of this product is tested strong and stable., so the only thing you need to do to install the product is to “put” it on the top of the car.

We adopt 4 NdFeB Magnets which can make sure the safety of this product under high speed situation.

Save  Cost

The pictures can easily be changed by yourself in one minute and double side show will encreate your ads profit.

We Have Diffirrent Size Match Diffirrent Base Option

This product has two sizes to fit different types of car. Large size (L-120cm) can be used on BUCIK, CHRYSLER, FORD and small size (L-100cm) can be used on TOYOTA


Bracket stand and magnet stand both can be used on our products.


1. Material: Special aluminum alloy, Plastic transparent cover

2. Power: DC 12 voltage

3. 2 Diffirrent Size Option

L-100: 1040mm(L) x 290mm(H) x 106mm(D bottom)

L-120: 1240mm(L) x 345mm(H) x 106mm(D bottom)

4. Graphic Size

L-100: 1000mm x 590mm

L-120: 1260mm x 700mm

5. Packing details

3Pcs in one carton/Bulk order

L-100:  1070mm x 330mm x 410mm   24KG/CTN

L-120:  1270mm x 320mm x 440mm   28KG/CTN

1Pcs in a carton/Sample

L-100380 x 160 x 1060mm 12KG/CTN

L-120: 1260 x 420 x 150mm  15KG/CTN

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