P5 LED TAXI Media/80/L Product Code: 1535

Package Includes:

  • LED Media
  • wire cable and kits
  • 3G Controlling Card
  • paper installation
  • Metal Base
  • Relay And Fuse
  • Replement Mould
  • Wooden Case
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Basic Info:

  • Size: 32*80cm
  • Double side video/picutre show
  • 3G inputiing/group controlling/HQ
  • Water proof design
  • Drive By Car Battery
  • Lightness from 3000-6000CD
  • P5 SMD LED Mould

More Information:




High brightness, high reliability, good video quality

Low power consumption

Quickly, easy assembly and operation

Display synchronous to IPC


Light weight:15.50kg

Module can be replaced easily, convenient for maintenance

Having better lightening accordance

Using real pixels not virtual pixels

Having larger viewing angle: horizontal angle 120 degree / vertical angle 50 degree.

Getting vivid effect within any position of the viewing range

Support many kinds of format advertising materials as Graphic, text, video, animation

1)Display startup automatically
The display startup automatically with the taxi starting. At the meantime the taxi will charge up for the standby battery.
2)The brightness of the display adjust automatically
The brightness level is adjusted automatically by referring to the readings of the CDS, So it is more bright in daytime than at night.
3)Standby battery supply(in optional)
When the taxi flameout, the display will be lighting on until the standby battery fall down to the preset value.
4)Display switch
When the taxi stop working, turn off the display by pressing the switch. However, the switch is invalid when the taxi is working.
5)Backlight billboard light and black out automatically

Brightness  sensor  can  make  the  backlight  turn  on  and  off  via  the  environment brightness.The backlight will auto light on when the brightness slow down to the preset value, and black out when the brightness exceed the preset value.


3).Product specification:

Module technical parameters:
Pixel pitch:5mm
Panel size:L160XH320X14mm
Physical density:40000dots/M2
Pixel configuration:1R1G1B (SMD3528)
Driving method:1/8 Constant current 1/8scan
Display resolution:32X64=1024dots
Driving device:MBI5024
Module port:HUB 75
Working voltage:5V
Module consumption:21W
Viewing angle:H120 V120
Equilibrium brightness:≥2500-5000 CD/ M2/adjustable
Colour temperature:6500K-9500K
Gray scale/color:≥16.7M color
Every square metre module:39.06pcs
Module weight:0.205kg
Display technical parameters:
Option distance:4-13M
Maximum power:800 W/ M2
Average power:360 W/ M2
Frame Frequency: ≥60 HZ/S
Refresh frequency: ≥600 HZ/S
Working environment temperature:-20~600C
Working environment humidity:10%~90% RH
Input signal:RF\ S-Video\ RGB etc,Control system:
                   PCTV,nonlinearity card+DVI,display card+Linsn control system
Working life:≥40000 HOURS
Display working voltage:AC46~54HZ,220V±15%/110V±15%
Steel box weight:42 KG/ M2(standard steel box)
IP rating:The back IP40,The front IP50
Steel box size:L800XH320
Picture size:320*800mm
Picture conversion frequency:5sec
Electric work:12V 28A 380W
Product size:1070*140*410
Metal base: 4.1+0.7carton

Control card:Xixun-M31



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