full 6ft table cloth Product Code: 1528

Package Includes:

  • 340g knitted polyester fabric
  • plastic bag
  • carton with wrapping film
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Basic Info:

  • standard size: 213*321cm
  • few pcs do dye-sublimation printing
  • 340g knitted polyester
  • other thinness polyester option
  • silk or dye-sublimation skill option
  • free design more than 50pcs
  • free design for VIP client
  • 1-2 working day for few pcs
  • 260g

More Information:

Table Cloth Drape with Full-Color Printing (Dye Sublimation)

A table drape, also called a table runner, is designed to cover the center and front areas of a display table. This accent table drape is made from a premium polyester twill fabric that is machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant. The table drapes are also flame retardant, making them ideal for trade show use. Using our dye-sublimation process, you can print the table drape with the ink colors of your choice. A table drape fits over any size table to customize your exhibit quickly and easily. Because they will accommodate all size display tables, accent table drapes are cost-effective promotion tools that can be used at multiple events.



You can place order online to have our discount and check our printing layout/template to make your design and sending us by wetransfer.com. we will download your design. pls contact us to check your exact order. any more you can contact with us online serivce by TM or writing us E-mail. call us by +86 519 88127808 EXT 8018.

Product Type:
6ft full Table cloth
100% Polyester
Fabric Type:
Flame Retardant, Custom Graphics/Text
Printing Method
Dye sublimation
Full colour
6ft / 213*321cm

Printing Template

General File Specifications

1. Sending Files:
Use your own dropbox service/wetransfer service and send your link with clear identification to us.
Email to us. Files under 10mb may be submitted via e-mail attachment to us.
2.File Formats
The following layout file formats are accepted and preferred: TIF, JPG, AI, EPS, and PSD.
3.File Resolution
Dye-Sublimated Fabric Printing:
For dye-sub fabric printing, all image files should be 100 dpi at actual printed size. Files should not exceed 150 dpi at actual printed size. Higher resolutions are not necessary and will create excessively large and cumbersome files. Larger layouts, such as those for large fabrics backdrops, photomural popup displays, and banner stands, should be done at 100 dpi at actual size. Layouts which contain smaller text or fine detail can be done at up to 150 dpi at actual size for optimum clarity and sharpness.
4.File Bleeds
Dye-Sublimated Fabric Printing:
As a general guideline, fabric graphics will typically require a 2"; bleed on all sides. Different products may have different bleed requirements. Please contact your representative or project manager for exact specifications for your project.
5.Proofing Options: Standard Electronic Proofs. Physical Proofs (Optional)

Printing Method

Demo 1

260g Strentch Thickness Polyester Fabric.
Printed by Dye-sublimation printing way.

Demo 2

340g High Tension 100% Polyester Fabric
Printed by Dye-sublimation printing way



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