How To Place Your Order

How To Place An Order

We ask for all orders to be placed in writing, by email or letter. 

you can check by following step

1. writing to us with exact model number or link in your letter

2. make sure what dimension of hardware and printing need or not

3. check what feedback from us with offer acceptable, then go next

4. check our printing template and make your designer working on it.

5. uploading design by to mail:

6. get our design adjustment and making approval

7. check and agree our proforma invoice to pay deposit 

8. our team will making your order in proceeding

9. check how to delivery to you. by sea or by plane and check the leadtime in schedule

10. we sent you test video or picture took by our team and pls arrange balance payment

11. cargo shipped out as agreed between us

12. check cargo packing, safety or damaged. feedback to us at the first time to find a solution

13. feedback us some photos to get your VIP score



Email & Postal Address

  • By Email
  • By Letter - 2-B-3, No. 1  Qingyang NorthRoad, Changzhou,Jiangsu, China 213021
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