Pop-up display
Time:2014/9/18 10:07:36    
Pop-up display: We often referred to as the "dragnet display" or "Pop-up stand" The reason why it is defined as a Pop-up display because the skeleton to support to expand the picture likes a fish net, you need to start stretching,the screen can be installed after the fixed bar was installed. Screen above a magnetic stripe will be adsorbed on the the above of the positioning,so that it can detach screen, and the picture in general is divided into three main screens, one screen on the each side of the both sides, we called 3 * 3 unit standard rack, pull net exhibition is also divided into straight and curved screen grid and the overall shape of the grid, net height of frame is also divided into 2M and 2.3M. certainly pull net exhibition stand as there are a variety of styles and models, general material into the current relatively high frequency welded pipe and lighter aluminum frame, customers according to their needs to choose their own stand, the picture is the same material , the production process is pictorial, in order to prevent light transmission and affecting the picture showing the effect of so-mounted black PVC board, the higher the grade, the most lightweight material aluminum appearance. Pop-up display comes standard trolley or more upscale hardcover trolley, customers can selected according their requirements.
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