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Display frame data frame terminals vivid weapon

Display frame data frame as a marketing tool, along with the POP advertising evolved. Display frame data frame with green, convenient transport, the rapid assembly, etc., placed in the sales establishments, can play a display of goods, convey information, promote sales. Early ut6se of the information display rack shelf prevalence in Europe, glossy display frame data frame in foreign countries has ..

Maintenance rules of exhibition equipment accessories

We all know that anything needs maintenance, the same, exhibition equipment accessories are no exception. We will often clean and maintain the display to keep them glossy. But you may not know, some wrong cleaning and maintenance methods, although make the exhibition equipment accessories become clean temporarily, but in fact it caused potential harm to the display,and your display will appear irr..

The history of the development of exhibition display equipment accessories: Roll

At about the year 2000, the terminal display equipment in all walks slowly developing, to selling products, companies chose for all kinds of props to attract the attention of customers, so as to achieve the purpose of sales and profitability, but also the only way to make a brand more and more popularity. A wide variety of display, billboards, light boxes, display panels endless, which is varied s..

Exhibition equipment fittings pipe rack assembly structure analysis

1 Exhibition equipment fittings pipe rack modular plug: connecting member adopted the joint use of 2-6, exhibition display equipment accessories can be multi-plug combinations.Frame structure using pipe or tube. 2 Exhibition equipment fittings pipe rack ball node multi-direction bolt type: connector is 18 holes of ball-type structure, the framework uses tube form, both ends of the feature rotating..

Pop-up display

Pop-up display: We often referred to as the "dragnet display" or "Pop-up stand" The reason why it is defined as a Pop-up display because the skeleton to support to expand the picture likes a fish net, you need to start stretching,the screen can be installed after the fixed bar was installed. Screen above a magnetic stripe will be adsorbed on the the above of the positioning,so that it can detach s..

Exhibition is a variety of exhibition equipment collectively

Chinese exhibition industry becomes increasingly important, as China's economy soar, all the industry need to show a corresponding increase in exhibition. Promotion, publicity, exhibition and other venues for exhibition requirements increased, and low manufacturing cost is one of the best conditions for the development of China's exhibition industry, the development of Chinese exhibition industry ..

Screen species

Screens are generally two types of site type and multi-folding fan, its manifestations are transparent, translucent, closed and hollow-type and so on. Screen for the interval, generally closed is good, slightly above the person's height eye level. For Wai Kok, we can use hollow style,it looks lively and angry. If it is used to block the sight between people, it is best to make the screen at right ..

People love and hate vinyl banner

Form of advertising was designed to heighten the atmosphere, render environment for business (or brand) to display its image and enhance its influence. Road banner ad in the development of many businesses gradually being accepted, it gives companies (or brands) more opportunity to show their own image, but also gives a new visual impact. First, what is the road flag advertising ? As the name sugge..

The development of LED display industry chain has greater market space

LED display market competition has never relented, and development situation of Chinese commercial display market in the first half, although the first half of China's economic growth continued to slow down, the government is only introduced part of the micro-stimulus policies, but the commercial display market remained strong growth and achieve 32% of the growth, safe city, military, intelligent..

Four factors determine the life expectancy of LED advertising screen

A.impact of LED light source device performance LED lamp beads is the most critical parts and most relevant to life of advertising screen. For LED lamp beads, mainly the following indicators: attenuation characteristics, water vapor permeability characteristics, UV resistance. Indicators to assess the performance of LED lamp beads off, however, it will seriously affect the life of the LED adverti..

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