The history of the development of exhibition display equipment accessories: Roll
Time:2014/10/17 10:30:36    
At about the year 2000, the terminal display equipment in all walks slowly developing, to selling products, companies chose for all kinds of props to attract the attention of customers, so as to achieve the purpose of sales and profitability, but also the only way to make a brand more and more popularity. A wide variety of display, billboards, light boxes, display panels endless, which is varied styles. To facilitate distinguishing these ads props often hear a lot of names, most of them named by themselves. Roll is one of them, it is one of the original display, materials are aluminum, steel, bamboo, etc., it was also known as easy to pull or Easy Rolls, because it's screen advertising is freely retractable, it is easy to carry, took pictures pulled out from inside the box when the exhibition started, followed by a folding struts, can scretch the screen, put the screen concealed in a box when not used. But no matter what kind of style will remain the same, above must be bar, the following must have the box, in the middle must have a pole, so the finished skeleton that became a sideways "H" type, now in order to facilitate unified distinguish display, the kind of exhibition called "H stand" or "H frame", it is easy to think of the "X display rack", "L stand", and an extensive display of these styles are used to distinguish between letters is more scientific.
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