Maintenance rules of exhibition equipment accessories
Time:2014/10/21 13:20:54    
We all know that anything needs maintenance, the same, exhibition equipment accessories are no exception. We will often clean and maintain the display to keep them glossy. But you may not know, some wrong cleaning and maintenance methods, although make the exhibition equipment accessories become clean temporarily, but in fact it caused potential harm to the display,and your display will appear irreparable problem, but just the opposite. Here we give about the next display maintenance prone to several problems and ways to avoid, the majority of consumers want to be helpful. When clean and maintain the exhibition equipment accessories, must first determine whether the rag is clean ot not. When cleaning or wipe the dust, be sure to turn it over or change another clean to use. Do not be lazy and repeated use has soiled the side, this will only make the dirt repeatedly in the commercial furniture surface friction, but will damage the surface light exhibition display equipment accessories
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