Display frame data frame terminals vivid weapon
Time:2014/10/28 13:20:21    
Display frame data frame as a marketing tool, along with the POP advertising evolved. Display frame data frame with green, convenient transport, the rapid assembly, etc., placed in the sales establishments, can play a display of goods, convey information, promote sales. Early ut6se of the information display rack shelf prevalence in Europe, glossy display frame data frame in foreign countries has been very common, widely used in food, cosmetic, household appliances, wine and other industries.Many European and American packaging companies also believe that technology can enhance the level of corporate and enterprise sales capabilities by making the display frame data frame. In Europe, the display frame data frame is a very high value-added products, users and manufacturers use very much. However, the display frame data frame has been used in the United States and Europe, although very common, but in the country is still in its infancy.Continental first started producing display frame data frame is about 2000, when the packaging is more developed in Guangdong region,there is only three data frame design and production of display stands. In recent years, rapid development, more and more wide range of applications. Now, some brand customers have put on display frame data frame, as regular promotional items in the application system, whether it is new product launch or holiday promotions, and all achieved good results, display frame data frame to enhance the brand image of the store, create a festive atmosphere , increased sales, there are all helpful.
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