People love and hate vinyl banner
Time:2014/8/30 9:16:29    
Form of advertising was designed to heighten the atmosphere, render environment for business (or brand) to display its image and enhance its influence. Road banner ad in the development of many businesses gradually being accepted, it gives companies (or brands) more opportunity to show their own image, but also gives a new visual impact. First, what is the road flag advertising ? As the name suggests, it is an advertising medium in the city street lights on the road, because it looks like a banner hanging in the light poles, hence they were named as Road banner advertising. The vinyl banner advertising refers to vinyl chloride printed advertising material, it uses a flat plate polymers, with developing tolerance, the photosensitive layer abrasion resistance, high pressrun features and excellent chemical resistance photosensitive layer for UV ink printing. So this ad has a picture of bright, wide spread, update speed, low cost advertising. So many advantages people have no reason not to love PVC material banner. While it can’t be neglected that Chlorine is also known as "PVC fatal structural units." It is the principal of PVC environmental pollution. Actually it is also a basic part of many notorious toxic substances such as CFC (chlorofluorocarbons), dioxin contamination, PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) and so on. Most of the organic chlorinethese in these chemicals is not easy to decomposite , they will remain in the environment for decades,and hard to excreted outside of the body, so that the danger was lied in wait. Thus abandoned vinyl flags must be dealt carefully, so as not to result in harm to the environment or humans and animals. In addition to vinyl banner, there is Paulib painting banner, outdoor pictorial cloth painting banner, thermal transfer banner cloth, etc. Want to know more Please visit Phoneto Advertisement and Design Equipment Co., Ltd.)
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