The development of LED display industry chain has greater market space
Time:2014/8/26 11:09:00    
LED display market competition has never relented, and development situation of Chinese commercial display market in the first half, although the first half of China's economic growth continued to slow down, the government is only introduced part of the micro-stimulus policies, but the commercial display market remained strong growth and achieve 32% of the growth, safe city, military, intelligent transportation construction projects strong demand, splicing products become the main force of growth,the contribution become higher amd higher; single-screen products demand highlights, growth rate of 22.9%. Looking ahead, to achieve steady growth ,the government will remain in infrastructure, intelligent transportation with micro stimulus to achieve economic growth in the second half which will have a positive role in promoting the commercial display market demand continues to increase, it maintained a rapid growth momentum. With the extensive application market, LED display how to specifications growing concern, the relevant management measures continue to be improved. Recently, Beijing and Nanjing has developed a "Beijing electronic display setting norms" and "Nanjing outdoor electronic display regulations"; State Sports General Administration also issued a "sports stadiums equipment requirements and test methods (Part 1: LED display) "; addition, Ministry of Transportation and the National Railway Bureau and the Ministry of Public Security also under appropriate standards established LED display applications.
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