Four factors determine the life expectancy of LED advertising screen
Time:2014/8/22 10:34:44    
A.impact of LED light source device performance LED lamp beads is the most critical parts and most relevant to life of advertising screen. For LED lamp beads, mainly the following indicators: attenuation characteristics, water vapor permeability characteristics, UV resistance. Indicators to assess the performance of LED lamp beads off, however, it will seriously affect the life of the LED advertising screen. B.influence of supporting parts In addition to the LED lamp light, a component of any quality problems, are likely to lead to lower screen life. So, advertising screen life is the life of the key components of most short-lived decision. C.Production Process on products How LED advertising screen product production process determines the fatigue resistance. Three anti-treatment process to produce poor fatigue resistance of the module is difficult to guarantee, in the temperature and humidity changes, board protective surface will appear cracks, resulting in protective performance. So the production process OF LED advertising screen is also the key factor in determining the life of the display. D.display effects of the working environment From the environmental side, the temperature difference between the indoor small, no rain, snow and UV influence; outdoor temperature difference of up to 70 degrees, plus wind and rain. Harsh environment will exacerbate the aging of the display, the work environment is an important factor affecting the life of the display.
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