Screen species
Time:2014/9/16 10:02:30    
Screens are generally two types of site type and multi-folding fan, its manifestations are transparent, translucent, closed and hollow-type and so on. Screen for the interval, generally closed is good, slightly above the person's height eye level. For Wai Kok, we can use hollow style,it looks lively and angry. If it is used to block the sight between people, it is best to make the screen at right angles to form. If only for decoration, the transparent or translucent is better. Different seasons should also choose different textures and colors of the screen. Such as the fall colors should be more bright screen; in summer,light colors can make the room look fresh and cool. At present, the wrought iron screens are more popular, according to the different seasons of the above replacement fabric. Our country screens are always variety. In addition to the traditional site, multi-folding fan, recent years come out of the hanging screen, the table plaque, sets screens, fireplace screens and phone screens, decoration addition to painting, there are bamboo painted screen, on silk screen, engraved Tim screen, straw paste painted screen, bamboo silk screen, bone inlaid wood panel, frosted glass bamboo stick painted screen, high partition screens, etc. These are more decorative. In the furnishings should be coordinated with the overall home environment.
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