Exhibition is a variety of exhibition equipment collectively
Time:2014/9/17 8:33:55    
Chinese exhibition industry becomes increasingly important, as China's economy soar, all the industry need to show a corresponding increase in exhibition. Promotion, publicity, exhibition and other venues for exhibition requirements increased, and low manufacturing cost is one of the best conditions for the development of China's exhibition industry, the development of Chinese exhibition industry is very optimistic about the future with, but because of market confusion, lack of industry standards, exhibition of varying quality, price varies, restricted the development of China in the exhibition market. On the current development of China's exhibition industry,it is part of growth, the product is in the stage of imitating the manufacture, the industry need to focus on the development, looking for new market applications for exhibition to promote the Chinese exhibition industry visibility and access to international markets as bridge. With the prosperity and development of the world economy, the variety of commercial advertising campaigns increased. As one of the important help to enhance the corporate image, exhibition equipment are increasingly being applied to the mall promotion, product promotion, corporate exhibitors, press conferences, supermarket promotions, various business areas, such as indoor and outdoor promotional activities.
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